Everquest: House of Thule


Al'Kabor's Nightmare







Zone Lore

The worst nightmare of the wizard Al'Kabor: the world destroyed by his own powers. The remains of Rivervale, Everfrost, Faydark, and the Dreadlands now float in nothingness.


Kill Quests

Defend What   EverWarmth   Dangerous Dissonance

Drachnicide   Death to the Dead   Aiding the Hunt

On the Doorstep    For the Sake of Life



The Rivervale Ruins  Wastelands of Everfrost   Faydark's Shadow

Ruined Relic Recovery   A Struggle to Survive

Missions: Catastrophic Power


Base Mobs

The enemies vary depending on what "continent" someone is on. Rivervale features animals morphed by the magical apocolpyse to massive size, mad and desperate halflings, and RunnyEye goblins. Everfrost features snow orcs and ice goblins running rampant. Faydark is full of hostile orcs and elves. The Dreadlands is home to drachnids and other foul creatures.


Rare Mobs

Berserk Mammoth

A large, powerful mammoth with a poor attitude.  

Drachnid Bloodknight

A skilled drachnid warrior.


A scrappy ice goblin raider known for taunting the barbarians.

Drolvarg Captain

A powerful drolvarg that enjoys tearing his enemies apart.

General Jyleel

Paladin Guildmaster of Felwithe who will fight to the death to protect the remains of the city.


A renegade snow orc berserker.

Heartwood Master

The druid guildmaster of Kelethin, intent on protecting what is left of the city and its people.

Jenni Hollowfield

Bitter halfling guard captain defending the remainder of her people against all perceived threats.

King Crushbone

Crushbone orc leader.


RunnyEye goblin warrior.

Mountain Giant Patriarch

A powerful mountain giant.

Plaguebone Overlord

A powerful plaguebone creature.

Princess Klanak

Beetle princess.

Queen Klaknak

Beetle queen.

Winfrey the Mad

A halfling driven mad by the magic that now mutates Rivervale and the creatures inside.

Zyren Shadowriver

A wood elf ranger that has gone savage, lurking around the remains of Kelethin.