Everquest: House of Thule


Erudin Buring


Gameplay Purpose: In this realm of the House of Thule, players are catapulted into every good Erudite's worst nightmare: the invasion and destruction of their beloved city of Erudin by the Heretics, and the utter ruin of Erud's legacy. Players must explore this warped reality and reveal the truth behind this situation.




Questgiver: Exterminator Cedrin
Description: Erudin's docks have become overrun with an infestation of rats at the arrival of the Heretics and the rampant death and disease that covers the once glorified city.  Exterminator Cedrin has requested your assistance with his task of cleaning the area of the pests, as well as proof of your deed.

Combatting Death
Questgiver: Laoni Reista
Description: The undead forces make up a large portion of the invading forces, and Laoni Reista has requested your assistance in taking them down.

A Source of Nightmares
Questgiver: Laoni Reista
Description: Laoni Reista has requested that you take down Terris Thule cultists and bring back to her a Nightmare Shard.  While you are working on that task, she has also asked that you help thin their forces, as well.

Possessing a Tome
Questgiver: Illithi Nollith
Description: Illithi Nollith is worried for the tomes left to the library, which was being taken as she retreated to sanctuary.  The librarian has requested that you release the spirits that have taken over many of the tomes.

On the Rebound
Questgiver: Kordian Keshalian
Description: Kordian Keshalian has requested that you join the fight in the battle with the heretic forces, to keep them at bay.

Heretics Among Us
Questgiver: Weligon Steelherder
Description: Assist the Deepwater Knights as they are reeling from the shock of losing Erudin to the Heretic invasion. Clear the area around the docks of Heretic presence.

The Fallen Citadel
Questgiver: Weligon Steelherder
Description: Conduct reconnaissance of the Heretic-controlled portion of Erudin. Attempt to learn the fate of several familiar faces who have gone missing.

Erudin's Apocalypse
Questgiver: General Arbin Derrex
Description: As if the loss of the city, a majority of its people, and most of the culture of Erudin weren't disturbing enough, now come reports that some Deepwater Knights have apparently abandoned their oath to resist all who would bring harm to Erudin. It may be necessary to set an example.

The Destroyers' Den
Questgiver: General Arbin Derrex
Description: Steps shall be taken to prepare the occupied portion of Erudin for an eventual counter-attack. Fight your way into Erudin and dispose of key Heretic leaders.

Raiders of the Sacred Tomes
Questgiver: Spirit of Erud
Description: Help the leaders of Erudin retrieve five sacred tomes which are key to rebuilding Erudite culture, before they are stolen by Heretic pillagers.


The Illuminating Truth
Mission giver: General Arbin Derrex
Description: Something is amiss in the burning city of Erudin. Most of the defensive forces are holed up near the docks, but a few guild masters accompanied Deepwater Knights into the fray and have not been heard from since. Help uncover the mystery that is veiled over the city of Erudin.

The Pit of All Fears
Mission giver: Tensia Hauden in the Port Authority building
Description: Too many of the civilians of Erudin are still missing since the heretics invaded the city. Tensia Hauden has asked you to follow up on rumors that the heretics are using the former vestibule by the Toxxulia Forest entrance to the city as a temporary dungeon. If there is any truth to this, you are to storm the holding pen and rescue as many of the prisoners as possible.




Rare NPCs:

There are 10 rare NPCs in this zone.

Damar the Overseer
* Damar is overseeing the pillagers ransacking Erudin's Library. Somewhat pyromaniacal in character, Damar has the ability to inflict damage on learned adventurers and can cause stacks of books to burst into flame and become animate.

* Maggotscalp is a heretic-summoned skeleton who has defied his master's commands and roams about the destroyed city looking to kill anyone who isn't oath-bound to the Heretics.

Kanah the Heartslicer
* Kanah is a hired blade who has turned her back on her friends in Erudin, selling her deadly skills to the Heretics for a fortune in platinum. Her preferred method of attack is a vicious throat-cutting move which many brave defenders of Erudin have been unable to defend against.

Garnak Pryphan
* A skulking rogue and drifter who became inspired by the Heretics' invasion of Erudin. His specialty is thrown poison-laced daggers.

Algot the Deathshaper
* Algot is busy at work turning the corpses of dead Erudin civilians into destructive new fodder for the Heretic army.

* Femurstack is a monstrous bone golem whose attacks are sometimes laced with a puff of harmful bonedust which can drain away mana.

Handar Prentius
* A Heretic wizard and spellsharp who has been dabbling with forbidden tomes of chaos magic he found in the Erudin library. He has become rather proficient with a spell known as 'Cone of Chaotic Dread'.

* Brutus is an over-sized rat, the 'alpha rat' of the Erudin docks. He has grown fat nibbling on the corpses of the dead civilians in the city.

Vindel the Ripper
* A fearsome assassin, Vindel's use of dark magic has made him a successful slayer of the innocent. His Terrorlance spell confuses and terrifies his prey, allowing him to finish it off in his own good time.

The Tome-Eater
* The Tome-Eater is an enchanted whirlwind of flaming books and scrolls that has somehow imbued itself with some magical ability from the magical works it has devoured.