Everquest: House of Thule

House of Thule - First Floor


This is the central hub of the expansion, the worldly focus for both Terris and Morell Thule as they usurp the mental energies of Norrathians to expand their power. The rooms of the House of Thule are associated with the debilitating nightmares being suffered by various Norrathians. As more and more Norrathians succumb to the influence of these worsening nightmares, their spirits become bound to this place.



Find My Brudders     The Beast of Rot      The Beast of the Unknown  

The Beast of Rage    The Beast of Horror    Kill Quests

  Mission:  Welcome to My Nightmare



Rare NPC's

There are 19 rare NPC's in this zone.

   Gristle is a horrible rotdog that wanders the house. His spittle contains a deadly rotting disease.

  Bonecracker is a mischievous skeleton with a nasty sucker punch that can cause a great amount of damage.

Isabeaux Darkdreamer
     Isabeaux is a female Erudite that casts a nasty spell that causes your flesh to melt.

The Executioner
    The Executioner is a large suit of living armor who cleaves his foes in two with his mighty Executioner's Blade ability.

    Fearsniffer is a rotdog that feeds on fear. Avoid his soul siphoning attack!

    Nightscale is a deadly snake with a horrible paralyzing poison attack.

Gibbering Haunt
    The Gibbering Haunt is a tortured soul whose moaning causes intense fear.

Old Rusty
    Old Rusty is an ancient suit of living armor whose strength is unmatched.

Darnor the Terror Lord
    Darnor the Terror Lord is a powerful Shadowknight. His very presence causes fear in all but the most powerful of beings.

    Dreameater is a Gelatinous Cube who drains the very life essence from its victims.

    Dreamslayer is a nightmarish Golem. His Chant of Chaos causes his victims to writhe in pain.

Executioner Brand
    Executioner Brand is a suit of living armor who relishes burying his axe into the head of his foes.

    Sleepeater is a Gelatinous Cube who puts its victims to sleep so it can feed on their flesh uninterrupted.

Shaman Jorg
    Shaman Jorg is an Erudite Shaman. His Red Cloud spell causes immense pain and slows its victims.
    Ganborn is a skeleton with a nasty attitude and an even nastier Night Strike ability that causes large amounts of damage.
    Giblets is a disgusting rotdog that feeds on flesh.
Nightmare Golem
    The Nightmare Golem is a twisted creation whose glare causes intense fear.
    Fearhowler is a horrifying rotdog. His bite spreads disease and decay.

Nightmare Widow
    The Nightmare Widow is a frightening spider with an attitude to match. His poison bite harms both body and mind.