Everquest: House of Thule


Miragul's Nightmare



Trapped within the phylactery, Miragul experiences life as a dream-like state.  He lives in eternal regret of his decision to extend his existence by becoming a lich, and these regrets take shape in his hellish nightmare world.  Ironically, he knows he is trapped and he is aware of his predicament.  It is a choice, and his conscious decision, to dream, because the alternative would be to awaken within the confines of the phylactery and exist in a void of no sensation.  To experience that all-enveloping hollow darkness with no sounds, no sights, no smells - nothing but his sorrows to keep him company - would be maddening.



The Sword of Shadows   Beauty Lost   Please Release Me
Such a Prankster   Prisoner of the Portal


Rare NPC's

There are 8 rare NPC's in this zone.

1.    Soul Taster
•    Soul Taster is a frightening shadow that spawns adds and casts a spell that does fire damage.

2.   Fearstalker
•    A shade
•    Fearstalker is a shade that casts a nasty fear spell along with a spell that does magic damage and causes silence.

3.   Iglum the Deformed
•    Iglum is a bone golem with the ability to cast Fractured Limb that causes damage and melee slow, a powerful    Stoneskin spell, and area spell that causes massive damage and knocks his targets back.

4.   Bloodfeather
•    Bloodfeather is a blood raven that can curse its enemies and causes a spreading disease.

5.   Shadowlord Gixblat
•    Shadowlord Gixblat, a mephit can cast a spell that silences its target and can cast Phantom Howl, a spell that does moderate damage and lowers endurance.

6.   Gilibus the Unseen
•    Gilibus is an invisible man that can shadow step, reflect damage and cause massive damage and blindness with his Unseen Force spell.

7.   Foeslicer
•    Foeslicer is a high elf that can cast Vengeful Strike which causes a large amount of damage and can stun.

8.   Sotor the Unmerciful
•    Sotor is a tricky mephit who is mostly immune to fire spells. He can also cast a stoneskin spell and an area wide fire spell.