Everquest: House of Thule


Morell's Castle

 Quest: Suspiciously Sweet Treats



Morell's Castle Quest - Suspiciously Sweet Treats



Must be at least level 88

This is a standalone quest that isn't tied in to a quest series, though it is required in order to accept the mission in Morell's Castle.


Zairia is an old witch who lives with her sisters in a gingerbread house. In order to reclaim her youth, she needs halfling remains. Zairia used to use sweets to lure the candy-hoarding halflings into her cottage, but they have caught on to the old witch's shenanigans, and refuse to take treats from her anymore. Zairia has asked the player to help her bake a Hedgeberry pie and use it to lure a hungry halfling into her oven!


General Info

Quest Giver: Zairia (she can be found in the gingerbread house, by going through the western hallway when entering the castle)

Appropriate Level: 90

Base Difficulty: Normal

Completion Time: under an hour with a full group