Everquest: House of Thule


The Grounds


It Only Gets Worse

Overview: Quest 3 – It Only Gets Worse


         Quest Giver: Giladan the Botanist

         Quest Giver location: The Grounds

         Expected level for use: 85

         Expected difficulty: This is the third quest of this serious and is intended to more difficult than Quest 2.

         Expected time to complete: 35-45 min



    Once a beautiful place, the garden behind the mansion has been in complete disarray. Nothing is flourishing anymore. Giladan the Botanist had been hoping to do some work here, but it is much too dangerous for the little gnome. He just found out from Akaena the Bonesmith that the rotdogs have destroyed the Antheia Bloom flower he was looking for. But he believes he has an idea on how to get the samples of Antheia Bloom that he needs.

After getting the Antheia bloom seeds from the rotdogs, Giladan is having a problem getting them to grow. It appears that its natural resiliency that allowed them to survive also makes them difficult to germinate and grow.