Everquest: House of Thule

The Grounds


Mashed Pumpkins

Overview: Mission 2 – Mashing Pumpkins

         Quest Giver: Barkley

         Quest Giver location: The Grounds

         Expected level for use: 85

         Expected difficulty: This is the second mission for the grounds. It is intended to be slightly more challenging than the first mission.

         Expected time to complete: 60 min



    An, old and tired Fruit treant who has no fight left in him is upset about the pumpkin patch that has recently sprouted up near him. The pumpkins’ roots have entangled his feet, and he can no longer move. The leader of this pumpkin patch, the Spirit of the Patch will need to be destroyed. He is a reclusive fellow though and just getting to him to appear will do no good. His true name must be uttered to him, before he can be fought. Perhaps a book that has gone missing in the House Garden holds the key.