Everquest: House of Thule

The Grounds


The Grounds Overview:

This zone is primarily for hunters for groups of reasonably well geared level 85 characters. Since the only way to gain access to this zone is by going through the Mansion, characters will need at least some gear from the lower level zones in order to be do well in this zone




Giladan's Assistant     What a Mess    It Only Gets Worse

The Lost One     Dissolution of Reason    Kill Quests

Mission: The Gardener        Mission: Mashed Pumpkins


Rare NPCs


There are twenty-four rare NPCs in this zone.  Please seek these out and test their difficulty.


    Snake – Tries to attack with Backbite every 30 seconds. Has an innate poison proc.


  Snake – If attacked too much (HP goes down too fast), it casts Paralyzing spray. Randomly casts Defensive Frenzy on itself to up its attack rate and add more damage. When its life goes down to 15%, it keeps casting Paralyzing Spray.


Bixie – Casts Sickly Honey on random players every minute or so. When its life drops to 65%, every 30 seconds it will cast Scent Marker. Every 15 seconds, it will check to see if any players on its hatelist have the scent marker. If they do, Minadra will attack a random one.


Bixie – Attacks normally, but if life starts draining too fast, it will cast Soothing Pollen, restore a good percentage of its life, and wipe its hatelist. Players will have to calculate their DOT so that Zonoraz doesn't use Soothing Pollen. When her life gets down to 40%, she'll start casting Corrosive Pollen every 12 seconds.


Frog – Above 50% life, casts Environmental Fitness every 30 seconds. Below 50%, casts Frogskin every 30 seconds. Effectively, casters will initially be useless, then melee will be useless.


 Frog – Casts Blinding Secretions every 50 seconds or so, and then picks a random player on its hatelist to put at the top. Once its life gets below half, it starts casting Mucus Coating every 30 seconds.


 Dervish – Continually casts Swirling Defense every 30 seconds. When life goes down to 40%, casts Spell Absorption every 1.5 minutes. Helias also has a wind-based innate.


 Dervish – Has a lightning-based spell innate. Every time it drops 10% in HP, it casts Blast of Wind on the most hated player. Every 1:00 it casts Lightning Rod on a random player.


 Rotdog – When it is first attacked, after 30 seconds Rend turns invisible and casts Spirit Defense. At this point, it won't be able to be attacked. You have to mez him to get him to turn back, and then he can be attacked for 30 seconds. You have to make sure his life doesn't fully regen in this time. While invisible, Rend will cast Infectious Fire on random players.


Rotdog – As long as life is below 40%, casts Unsatisfied Hunger.


Bone Golem – When any spell lands on Arenrhaed, there is a 25% chance he will cast Golem Rage on himself.  Every 45 seconds, there is a 50% chance that he will cast Furious Swipe to knock away all attackers. He will then choose a random player on his hatelist and move them to the top.


 Bone Golem – Randomly casts abilities every 30 seconds.


 Servant – Casts Jealous Servant on most hated every 20 seconds. Has a high attack rate and riposte rate. When it gets down to 30% life, casts Grand Guard periodically.


Servant – Every 18 seconds, there's a 20% chance to cast Silent Amnesia on a random player. When life is below 45%, casts Self Denial on a random player every 12 seconds.

Distraught Heap

 Living Heap – Heap moves and attacks slowly. Every 30 seconds, it will cast Entwining Tendrils and then move towards a random player on its hatelist. If it gets close enough to them, it will continually cast Absorb Flesh on the target until it is out of range (about 40 units).

Chaotic Heap

Living Heap – Casts Heap Carnage every 1:06.


Treant – Every 1:00 there's a 60% chance to cast Falling Leaves. When lower than 60% life, it uses Arboreal Diseases every 35 seconds on a random player.


Treant – Does general melee attacks. Below 30% life, it casts Autumn Winds every 15 seconds.

Vicious Gourd

Peponnite – Every 30 seconds, casts Harvest. Casts Shuck every 9 seconds. Casts Scatter every 1:00 and clears its hatelist.

Patch Guardian

Peponnite – Moves slowly. Every 1:00, it has a 75% chance to switch its most hated to a random person on the hatelist. Every 1:10 it casts Vine Lashes.

Compost Cube

Mulch Cube – Every 1:45, casts Reduction on a random player. At 30% life, every 18 seconds it will cast Mulch on a "reduced" player.

Beget Cube

Mulch Cube – Every 40 seconds, the cube transforms into a random player by casting Cubic Mimicry.  In this form, any magic that hits the cube will be reflected onto the player the cube is imitating.

Angry Wasp

Wasp – Every 20 seconds, 75% chance to cast Stinger of Fear on a random player. When its life gets below 30%, it gets a rampage and flurry increase.

Vile Wasp

 Wasp – Will cast Hive Guard when it first spawns. Will increase speed at 13% life.