Everquest: House of Thule


The Well

Quest: All Is Not Forgotten (Part I)



Overview: Quest 4 – All Is Not Forgotten (Part I)


         Quest Giver: Traelphor

         Quest Giver location: The Well

         Expected level for use: 85

         Expected difficulty: A stand alone quest that should be more difficult than Quests 1-3.

         Expected time to complete: 45-60 min




    Traelphor has lived underground in the well for a very long time. His demeanor is that of someone who has accepted his lot in life. Though he still has a strong hatred against the one who has stranded him and took his soul. This has caused him to be severely mistrustful of everyone and is why he is unable to accept initially that you are trying to help him. But it will take more than brawn and skill in the combat arts to make him once again whole. You will need to find the clues to deciphering the answer to the question asked by the one who imprisoned him. Think wisely. For answering incorrectly can have a severe consequence on the outcome of your adventure.