Everquest: House of Thule


The Well



The Well is simply the bottom of a well.  It is the communal nightmare of drowning and/or being trapped.  The zone is very simple with very few rooms.  Perspective tricks are played, and the well looks much larger and deeper than it did from above.  The walls are either brick or earth and stone, the floors are mud.  One room is even filled with water.  To support the "Trapped" feel, exits from rooms will be one-way textures that do not show the way out.

The Well is also inhabited by creepy crawlies.  Worms, spiders, scorpions, and snakes, as well as some nightmarish creepies, such as mouths of insanity, goos and mudmen, scurry about the rooms.



Rare NPCs


Due to the extremely small size of this zone, there are only three rare NPCs in this zone.  Please seek these out and test their difficulty.


Death Stinger

         Scorpion – Uses deadly poisons to weaken you

Doom Snake

         Snake – Ferocious and deadly bite

Death Spider

         Spider – Seeks to immobilize you in order to drink you dry.