Everquest: House of Thule


The Well

Mission: What Lies Below



The Well Mission - What Lies Below


This should be a fairly quick standalone mission. This should be on the easier side (compared to other Tier 2 HoT missions). Most of the steps in this quest don't require killing, but players should still need to battle their way through parts of the mission.  


General Info

Quest Giver: Groundskeeper Seamus

Location: The Grounds (at the well in the southeast corner of the zone)

Appropriate Level: 86-88

Base Difficulty: Average

Completion Time: about 30-45 minutes with a full group



Must be at least level 84

Minimum of 3 players


  • Speak with Groundskeeper Seamus to enter the mission
  • Find the source of the cries
  • Retrieve Edgar's backpack
  • Collect rubble and deliver it to Edgar
  • Defeat Foreman Dreck and collect dynamite
  • Use the dynamite near the weak part of the wall
  • Search the tunnel for a way out and defeat whatever lurks inside



The well within the house garden has forever been a curious structure. Not only for its seemingly endless depth, but also for the many who seem to disappear within its darkness. Those that enter the well are believed to remain there for an eternity, though the cause of their detainment is unknown.