Everquest: House of Thule, The Feerrott


The Feerrott:

Quest:  Protecting the Weak (Minded)

Intended Levels: 83+

Dark Alchemist Illian has his alchemy set-up in the hut just to the east of the northern monument, near the PoK book, and has been hired by the Oggok leadership to handle a recent zombie infestation in the area.  They simply aren't smart enough to get rid of the undead for good (after all, they keep coming back to unlife), and it's becoming far too dangerous for the young Ogres to traverse outside of the city.  He is requesting the assistance of adventurers to gather the materials for his "cure" for undeath, and to further investigate the connections.

There are a total of 16 Elements, including explore elements, kill elements, a combine element and deliveries.  To avoid too many spoilers, I will only post those that it starts with.


  • 1. Explore the fork of the river
  • 2. Kill 5 zombies
  • 3. Loot 3 Zombie Bile Samples
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