Everquest: House of Thule


The adventure continues across Norrath where prominent figures are falling into dream-induced comas. The clerics and mystics of the land are powerless to wake their leaders from their unnatural sleep, evidence that something is deeply wrong in the world of dreams. A strange home has also appeared in the Feerrott jungle, its look sinister, its purpose, unknown. 

Upon entering the house, the air is thick with tension, caused by an ensuing conflict between the Thule deities; Cazic, Terris and Morell; the Lord of Dreams. Their turmoil has affected the world of Norrath, clashing reality with delusion, and around every twisting passageway, dreams and nightmares take on their physical forms.

Unhinged by imagination, there's no way of knowing what beings lay in wait for intrepid explorers.

Prevail over the overlords of the House of Thule.

Unravel its secrets and prevent Norrath from being consumed by the power of its dreams.


The Feerrott            The House of Thule - First Floor    

The House of Thule - Upper Floors          The Grounds            

The Well            Erudin Burning    The Library    Morell's Castle           

Al'Kabor's  Nightmare            Miragul's  Nightmare

Fear Itself            

Miragul's  Phylacerty (Raid Instance)