Everquest: Underfoot, The Shining City


Arthicrex : Overview


The Arthicrex is the name of the great anthill of Underfoot and the lands and spaces leading up to it, and the eternal home of the ant-like race known as the cliknar. Once the cliknar were orderly servants of Brell Serilis, tending their farms and feeding the denizens of Underfoot all by themselves. But since Brell became too preoccupied to leave his inner sanctum inside the great mountain temple, the cliknar have been forced to take their own path, and when their hive begins to move, anything on its path is liable to be trampled.

The southern end of Arthicrex is currently home to a group of disaffected Underfoot races who have built a temple to the idea of self, a notion being spread by followers of a new cult which calls themselves the Autarchians. Though the cliknar also received the indoctrination of the Autarchian messengers, they interpreted the message differently, being a hive mind. The unity of the hive mind, together with the teachings of the Church of Self, have caused the cliknar to deviate radically from the plans of Brell Serilis, and to cause the ruin of vast portions of Underfoot as area after area falls under cliknar attack.

Across the chasm to the east of the Temple of Self, a strange, ill-constructed stone building serves as a residence of sorts, manned by servants who await their missing master. At the bottom of the intervening chasm, harmful oozes roam and bubble, waiting for their next meal to come along.

The northern half of Arthicrex is a large desert, formerly fertile and beautiful but given over to spider infestations, mining, and military manoeuvres as the cliknar perfect their plan for the conquest of all of Underfoot, reaching for goals which include much more than territorial acquisition.

The main warrens of the cliknar hive await in the north-western region of Arthicrex, beckoning adventurers keen on somehow demolishing a grave threat to Underfoot, and perhaps Norrath and the Planes of Power as well.


Arthicrex Quests/Rares: