Everquest: Underfoot, The Shining City


Brell's Arena: Overview

Located just off Brell's Rest, Brell's Arena is a small battleground that was created by Brell Serilis to allow the gnolls and kobolds to "play" a vicious game known as the Boomerang Brawl. This unusual game is run by Gilbot the Magnificent, a gnomework creation of Brell.

Throwing heavy metal boomerangs at others, participants earn points for their team. Points are lost for being hit by boomerangs or by running into an exploding barrel. This gives the aggressive kobolds and gnolls an outlet for their destructive instincts.

As with all games, enforcers are present to make sure all contestants adhere to the rules of the brawl. The champions of the brawls earn treasure befitting their rank.