Everquest: Underfoot, The Shining City


Brell's Temple: Overview/Lore


This is where Brell's workshop is located. Within its walls lies a vat of the Clay of Cosgorve and a basin of the purest water. It is here where Brell's creations are formed, each with a distinct purpose.

In honor of their creator his creations built a temple around the workshop. While he has no need for the temple, he is proud that his creations were able to do something outside of their purpose just because.



                                                Quest: The Laws of Physics      Quest: The One True Faith     Quest: The Magic Moment

                                                 Quest: The Font Guardian        Quest: Fire in the Hole            Quest: Give My creation .... Life                    

                                                 Quest: The Scientific Mephit


Quest Givers, Quests and Missions

Mangling Mephits
Likely Candidate
The Scientific Mephit


Sanctus Persant
The One True Faith

Master Alchemist Vakros
Alchemical Advances - Frozen Hearts
Alchemical Advances - Exotic Locales
Alchemical Advances Wing Fragments