Everquest: Underfoot, The Shining City


Lichen Creep Overview:

This cavern has been slowly mined out over eons for valuable levitating stone ore that is used to power various creations in the Underfoot.  The mining work has been carried out by lava mephits and their golem workers as they continually burrow deeper into the earth, processing and sending loads of stone up through the hole in the top of the cavern.  When large chunks of levitating stone are uncovered, the mephits burrow into them for the more valuable ore, and leave behind levitating husks that they have converted into living quarters and various other facilities. 

Recently, the autarchians have taken up residence in a small section of the cavern that was explored and abandoned by the lava mephit workers. A small group of sporali have also found their way to Lichen Creep.

Are the mephits really using the floating ore for legitimate purposes, or are they up to something more nefarious?


Quests and Missions

Explorer Durgan

1.Mephit Trouble – Solo Task (best with a group)

Inventor Biddlebokk

The Grand Experiment – Solo Task (best with a group)

 The Experiment Begins – Solo Task (best with a group)

 What Could Go Wrong? – Solo Task (best with a group)


Searching for a Cure – Solo Task (best with a group)


The Trouble with Lichen – Solo Task (best with a group) 


Gweddon Tinkertasker

Bonfire of the Adherents – Mission


Xanathan Foxheart:

 No Sess Outta You – Solo Task (best with a group)

 Futile Resistance – Solo Task (best with a group)

 Self-borne Pests – Solo Task (best with a group)


Sienna Flamestalker