Everquest: Underfoot, The Shining City


The Cooling Chamber

Lore: The Cooling Chambers

Water, boiling from the lava that is the life's blood of the Underfoot, pours into the Cooling Chambers from a sinkhole in Brell's Rest. The water is cooled by Brell's servants as it flows through the chambers and eventually grows cold enough to turn to ice. This water can be sent to other realms during its cooling stages, as needed.

The main population of the Cooling Chambers is a group of Coldain (Ice Dwarves) that are perpetually cooling the water that flows away from the central core, by means of a series of endothermic reactions. The ice is used to keep a massive necromantic beast frozen in a jagged glacial iceberg floating in the lower lake.

Unfortunately, some of the Coldain have rebelled against Brell's influence because of the meddling of the first creation. One of them has learned to harness the power of the beast and is siphoning power away from it in order to fuel his own malicious schemes.

The Coldain are not comfortable in the top half of the Cooling Chambers but no one can perform as well as they do in the chilly depths of the Chamber. They are primarily workers, intent on their tasks, but many have gone rogue. Some rebellious workers are still, to all appearances, at work, but grudgingly. Others are roaming the passageways causing havoc.

Undead of all types can be found throughout the Cooling Chambers. The workers react with terror at the sight of the undead and flee their approach.