Everquest: Underfoot, The Shining City


Foundation: Overview

This is where mountains and islands in Norrath and other realms are supported.  Every mountain that has risen in Norrath was lifted by one of the massive giants known as Genari.  These giants of stone are responsible for the movement of the mountains of Norrath.  They stand in a huge cavern, arms raised to hold up the roof as their feet very slowly sink into a swamp.  As they sink, mountains get slightly lower.  Mountains do not erode in Norrath; it is just that the Genari holding them up have sunk a bit deeper.

The workers here are struggling to keep up with the mining of Clay of Cosgrove while having to contend with Autarchian rebels and the invading Cliknar in the east. Both seem intent on disrupting the work of the workers loyal to Brell.


The Foundation QUESTS:

                                      Achievement Series: Playin' With Clay    Quest: Scouting for Land            Quest Series: Foreman Gribblebitz

                                      Mission: The Search for Saunk               Quest: Harvest of Sorrow           



Rare Mobs