Everquest: Underfoot, The Shining City


 Underquarry, The


The Underquarry is a complex mine that handles just about every building material, worked by dwarves, golems, Burynai, gnomes, and whoever else among the creatures of Brell Serilis who wish to spend all eternity in relaxing toil and soothing labors, producing a seemingly endless stream of raw material for delivery elsewhere in the universe. Some say that because it is part of Underfoot, the Underquarry can never deplete its uncountable supplies of metal, stone, and marble. This multi-purpose mine typically provides precious metals (gold, silver and copper) to the jewelers and stone for masons and carvers. Originally the Underquarry was a pair of linked sinkholes in the dense forest area that blankets this part of the Underfoot. Brell's servants have expanded the natural caves seeking gold, silver, copper and many types of stone (mostly marble). One is not able to get to the surface from inside the mines, but they will be able to see the sky through the massive sinkholes in the ceilings.

 The geography of the Underquarry, beyond the lava-rift chamber with the waterfall, is one of vast mining and quarrying galleries, and winding tunnels connecting them together in a labyrinthine maze. Just about all of Brell's minions have a place to work in these mines, from massive stone golems and giants to the smallest Burynai.

 However, since Brell Serilis stopped showing an interest in the day-to-day affairs of the Underquarry, tensions between the various populations have risen, especially since the arrival of several Bellikos messengers bringing teachings of something called the Church of Self. This has caused the Burynai miners to cease production and gather in the metal mines. The usually reliable golems who patrol and labor in the Underquarry have run out of instructions from Brell and have lost their sense of purpose as a result. Dwarves and Gnomes working in the Underquarry have also begun to deviate from the eons-old routine, noticing that their ore and stone are no longer being delivered by the golems and genata because Brell has failed to provide new instructions.

 As the chief engineers of the Underquarry attempt to come to grips with this problem, a new threat has emerged. Invading ant-men known as the cliknar have invaded the Underquarry and appear to be either looking for something, or claiming the Underquarry for themselves, or both. As they invade, the other races have fallen to bickering and even open violence, previously unheard of in Brell's domain.



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