Everquest: Veil of Alaris

Valley of Lunanyn:



The Valley of Lunanyn used to be the breadbasket of Alaris. The body of Lunanyn is buried in the terraces area, and the power of its blood cause fertility to span across the terraces and the valley.

But war has been around too long, and even the power of the god's blood cannot keep fertility in the valley. Despite the war raging between Erillion and Argath, the power of the blood kept the terraces alive and strong, still growing enough food to feed all of Alaris.

Then came the Nortahian gods. Though their foothold is tenuous and only recently gained, Solusek Ro has managed to cause much damage to the Terraces. The addition of Rallos Zek and his son has cemented the devastation of the valley.


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Rares – Valley

Oashim Progenitor
Rat (alien mat)

In and around house 1085, -883, -47
The Battlesteel Dead
Ogre-sized skeleton
In the carnage pit 1198, -244, -80
Urash, Specter of Death
Alaran ghost
Add war-torn ghosts to the area, probably replace the rats
Around 337, -359, -43
Around 77, 967, 3
Trooper Arcon Feht
Alaran (city of bronze )
Around -1134, 682, -40
Ranger Arcon Daetas
Alaran (city of bronze )
Around -1134, 682, -40 – patrols out from here.
Blood-gorged huntsman
Around 1415, 220, 3
Kongar the Enrager
Ogre –
Patrols around 1675, -891, -42
Ker Reega
Reega –
In the tunnels through cave at about 407, -1381, 116
Taer Reega
Reega –
In the tunnels through cave at about 407, -1381, 116
Lor Reega
Reega –
In the tunnels through cave at about 407, -1381, 116
Bloodborn Spirit
Muddite (608 mat 7 – tint 55) –
In those three pits located at
-242, -180, -83
-425, 186, -57
-434, 575, -67
Elsha the Mournful
Alaran ghost
Around 108, 511, -52
Arth, Village Guardian
Around -161, -509, -18
Aggrieved Fertility Spirit
Shambling Mound (494) –
Around 485, -1069, 60
Aethra the Mad
Alaran (city of bronze ) –
Around -913, 1085, -47
Empty camp with rats