Everquest: Veil of Alaris

Windsong Sanctuary:



Windsong Sanctuary is home to the god known as Ryken. Windsong Sanctuary is on the surface an airy, light, area that gives no indication of the dark, brooding fury laying in rest at its center. As you progress inward, the skies darken, and things become much more dangerous to the outside observer or non-worshipper.

Windsong Sanctuary is a piece of land pulled from the lake that is in the zone bellow it (Pillars of Alra). A cloudbank surrounds this piece of land and is so dense that players can walk on this surrounding cloudbank.


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This zone has 10 rare NPCs. Each should be a challenge for a group of players.

The Conductor - Musical Spirit

  • Conductor's Will: Causes its target to become charmed.

Unvoiced Brute - Golem
  • Awesome Presence: Stun, lowers mana, instant damage.

The Windrunner - Kangon
  • Peck: Instant damage. Also runs at a very fast speed.

The Hornmaster - Alaran
  • Rikolla: Targeted-Area, damage, stun.

Breezeglider - Kangon
  • Kangon Kick: Knockback, damage.

The Forlorn Drummer - Alaran
  • Drumbeat of Inspiration: Self cast. Boosts accuracy, damage, melee speed, and adds double attack.

Saduulj Tsepir - Alaran
  • Discordant Riff: Massive damage.

Riffmaz the Flute Master - Alaran
  • Entrancing Tune: Slows casting speed and melee speed. Damage.

A Fleetfooted Braxi - Braxi
  • Swift Strike: Instant damage.

Stormcaller - Dervish
  • Storm Front: Instant damage, spin stun.