Everquest: Veil of Alaris

Veil of Alaris: Beast's Domain


The Beasts' Domain is a lush wild land populated with a combination of plants and trees from Norrath and from the native world of the Invader Gods. These plants grow to enormous proportions here, influenced more by the power of the god of beasts, Kolos than that of the god of growth. The native Norrathian trees grow to massive sizes, the boles of the trees easily reaching ten feet or more. Winding around these trees are alien vines of brilliant colors, bushes with violet leaves scatter from the base of the trees, almost as if they can only grow in the shade. Patches of bright color appear in all areas of the forest.

To the south, the forest ends and the river opens into a sloping lake that gets fairly deep at the far southern end. Here the hard ground opens to the ocean.

This is the land where the beasts rule. Most are predators, few prey. The hunt is the thing and in order to survive a beast must kill. Predators hunt predators when no prey remains.

The people that live here are secretive and fierce. They, too, are top tier predators. They do not gather in large groups and have no permanent settlements. The sleep in trees or hidden under the broad-leaves of some of the plants.





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Rare NPCs

This zone has 25 rares. Each should be a challenge for a group of players.

King Rex - Raptor

Bonecruncher - Raptor
  • Mighty Charge: Massive damage, knockback.

Slaughter - Wyvern
  • Stunning Strike: Damage, stun.

Deathglider - Wyvern
  • Fierce Swipe: AOE knockback with instant damage.

Blightwing - Wyvern
  • Piercing Screech: Causes fear.

Thunderpunch - Ape
  • Intimidating Chest Thump: PBAoE, Damage, Stun.

Bopo - Ape
  • Bodyslam: Damage, stun.

Bonecracker - Crocodile
  • Tail Swipe: Damage and knockback.

Maw Lurker - Crocodile
  • Debilitating Bite: Instant damage that slows walking speed.

Willowcrush - Treant
  • Nature's Rage: Increases max HP, damage, riposte, and attack speed for 30 secs. Self cast.

Stonebark - Treant
  • Deafening Wind: AoE damage and interrupts spell casting.

Deathsquirm - Snake
  • Life Squeeze: HP max is reduced by 50% for a short period of time.

Stranglefang - Snake
  • Lifesap Poison: Single target, instant damage, endurance DoT.

Ribcrusher - Snake
  • Rib Breaker: Fling to self, damage, spin stun.

Nighthowl - Wolf
  • Devastating Fanglock: Gravity pull, DoT.

Swiftwind - Braxi
  • Laconic Amnesia: Silence and amnesia.

Deathleaper - Goral
  • Earsplitting Howl: Area-not-group damage.

A Twisted Strangler - Shambling Mound
  • Vineweave: AoE root that snares for 10 seconds.

Tangledeath - Shambling Mound
  • Poisonous Bloom: Single target, poison will spread to additional targets.

Nightleaper - Cat
  • Deadly Night Strike: Targetd AoE damage.

Thundercut - Cat
  • Savage Gore: Targeted-other, fling to target.

An Ancient Selyrah - Selyrah
  • Dire Gaze: Frontal cone, damage, dispels three effects from target.

Karn the Hunter - Alaran
  • Snareshot: Damage and slows target.

Jorth Hunter of Beasts - Alaran
  • Hunter's Arrow: Targetd-other, damage, stun.

Elder Gotikan - Alaran
  • Shield of Nature: Stoneskin, Doom rune effect.