Everquest: Veil of Alaris

Veil of Alaris: Sarith, City of Tides


Sarith is a truly prosperous (if small) city-state, supplying much of the seafood and fishing trade off the coast of Alaris. Since the departure of the deity's influence, the people have elected a governor to lead them, chosen by a ceremony in the plaza once every 6 years. The city-state's security is guaranteed by a volunteer force paid for by taxes.

The new High Priest Vyers possessed by the God of the Tides, Oseka, has reclaimed the temple Rubak Oseka in the sea nearby. Oseka' hold remains strong and the people, mostly non-fighters, and they were quickly defeated and added to the power of the City of Bronze. The Orator's army and the Hadal now hold an iron grip here, and some of the city state's guard has joined forces with the Orator's army.

Prexus however, maintains a constant assault against the city. The Kedge are attempting to push their way into the city, and the citizens and guards who have not given up hope have formed a rebel force to strike back at Vyers, Oseka, and the City of Bronze.


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Rare NPCs

Battlemage Resk

Leader of the battlemage unit that helped conquer Sarith.

- Mage Grenade: Area Damage, Knockback

- Battlemage Armor: Self +Armor Class, Self +Health


Captain Dahlena

One of Archon Eries' trusted commanders.

- Bronze Cross: High Damage

- Neck Jab: Damage, Silence

- Summon Soldier: Summons a subordinate.


The Giant Crab

A large crab creature, summoned by High Priest Vyers.

- Pincer Crush: Damage, Stun

- Pincer Guard: Self: Invulnerability


The Kraken

A massive squid creature summoned by High Priest Vyers.

- Tentacle Constriction: Damage, Root

- Kraken's Fury: Area Damage, Knockback


Lieutenant Vasko

A Sarith traitor who aligned with the invading forces from the City of Bronze.

- Waterblade: Damage, Slow


The Megaladon

An ancient shark creature from the forgotten depths, summoned by High Priest Vyers to defend newly conquered Sarith.

- Mutilate: Single Damage, Slow, Decreased Stats

- Swallow: Damage, Stun

Oseka's Chosen Ikallis

A powerful Hadal with a mastery of tidal magic.

- Forgotten Tides: Area Damage, Knockback

- Tidal Pull - Pull, Root

Sarith's Guardian

A massive water elemental creature summoned by Sarith tidal priests and mages that are serving the invading army. In the fight that Sarith was taken in, it was used to help defend the city.

- Ocean Current: Damage, Knockback

Tactician Perak

A skilled tactican serving the City of Bronze. Pupil of Riago Barthes, Archon Eries' personal advisor.

- Superior Tactics: Area Effect Beneficial: +Damage, Speed, Accuracy, AC

- Summon Bodyguards: Summons soldiers.


Tidalmage Narens

A Sarith native who is fanatical devoted to Oseka. Worships the ground High Priest Vyers walks on.

- Flood: Area Damage, Knockback

- Tidalguard: Self +Armor, +Cold Resist, +Magic Resist


Bishop Kyzer

A war priest in service to the City of Bronze. Fearless in battle and skilled in healing, and unquestioningly loyal to the Orator who sparked the City of Bronze's campaign.

- The Orator's Word: Health/Mana/Endurance Damage

- The Orator's Protection: Area Regeneration, +Armor Class



A prized goral with a reputation in the City of Bronze war beast regiments.

- War Beast Roar: Area Slow, Root

- War Beast Slash: Damage Over Time


Life Knight Jasul

A warrior and a healer who serves the City of Bronze.

- Life's Embrace: Area Restores Health.


Master Trainer Ganelin

Ganelin leads the war beast regiment that helped to attack Sarith. They currently patrol the exterior of the city along with the infantry.

- War Beast Command: Area Effect +AC, +Speed, +Attack

- Summon War Beasts: Summons specially trained beasts.


Ocean Mage Rettun

A City of Bronze mage who specializes in water magic. Handpicked by Archon Eries for this campaign.

- Flood: Area Damage, Knockback

- Ocean Summons: Drowning, Damage

- Summon Crab: Summon a crab.


Primal Mage Mollens

A City of Bronze specialist who spent years studying the Beasts' Domain.

- Natural Energy: Damage

- Primal Fear: Fear


Sea Ranger Huren

A sea-fearing warrior trained in ship to ship combat. Has a long record of maritime missions with the City of Bronze.

- Sea Ranger's Strike: Damage


Assassin Thale

Thale is often called upon to perform the most insidious of tasks for Erillion.

- Fatal Wound - Damage

- Lethal Focus: Self +Accuracy, Speed, Damage, AC


Dark Mage Naxin

Naxin is skilled in Dark Magic. Naxin was recently released from prison in exchange for assisting with this campaign against Sarith.

- Sphere of Darkness: Area Damage

- Black Magic Shield: Self +AC, +Magic resist


Death Knight Sharris

A troubled soldier who returned home to Erillion after hearing about the plans for conquest. Serves Archon Eries without question.

- Death Bolt: Health + Endurance Damage


Notable Characters

Parrin Wenst, The Governor
Chosen by the people twice, Governor Wenst was looking forward to a prosperous second term before all the chaos erupted and the City of Bronze attacked. Their guards were quickly overrun by the Orator's forces, the governor had no choice but to comply to save what remains of their people. Dismayed by some of their peoples' joining of the City of Brass's forces, the governor feels there is little more that can be done at this juncture. If approached discreetly, Wenst may be willing to help.

Naraind Reles, The Guard Captain
A veteran of both sailing and combat, Guard Captain Reles is in control of the remainder of the forces that survived the initial attack. Allied with the governor in thought, the guard captain's priorities are more focused on stopping Prexus from killing the rest of their people in his rage.


Xenavia Eries, The Orator's Archon
Second in command only to the High Priest empowered by Oseka, Archon Eries has seen their share of conflicts. Serious and to the point, the Archon's loyalty to the City of Brass and its prophet are unwavering. Eries took Sarith in days, and now has taken command of what remains of their guard, using them and some of their own to deal with Prexus while they keep the city locked down, and the governor and the guard captain in line.

Riago Barthes, The Archon's Advisor
Tactician and advisor to Archon Eries, this talented magic user is overconfident and easy-going. In the initial assault, Riago was in charge of the magic-using forces and detailing an attack-plan for them to follow. In the current situation, Riago is busy trying to deal with an angry Prexus battering on their door and the threat of rebel attacks. While not a zealot, Riago is extremely self-serving and practical, and is by consequence loyal to the Orator and Archon Eries.

Vyers Rinad, The High Priest of the Tides
If one asks around Sarith, the name Vyers Rinad is not unknown. A few remember this Alaran as a successful musician and sea-faring explorer with an unscrupulous past involving thievery, treasure hunting, and some minor pirating. Vyers has returned home, now with the power of Oseka, and powerful soldiers and magic-users from the City of Bronze under their command.

Ain Kavus, The Rebel Leader
A young turk with a burning hatred of the prophet known as the Orator, Ain Kavus has gathered people loyal to Sarith from the guard and citizenry. Dedicated to pushing the Orator's forces from their city, and destroying the High Priest of the Tide, their idealism does not match their power level. They will need (and gratefully accept) outside help. Their current base is by the docks in a well-guarded drydock. Their knowledge of the area allows them to elude the Orator's forces, and their fellow guards that are working with Vyers and Archon Eries are too busy dealing with Prexus even if they wanted to rat them out.

Marrien Kavus, The Rebel Commander
The kid sibling of Ain Kavus, Marrien leads a lot of the operations in the city that their sibling plans. Marrien has a lot of information about the city and the High Priest's movements, and will be a valuable ally.

Captain Lonz Duran, The Ship Captain
Captain Duran's life is devoted to the sea, and between the Orator's invasion and the inability to get any work done with all the nasty sea creatures, the Captain is not a happy camper. Seeing their home town reduced to an expendable puppet whose strings are held by Erillion's fanatics has made Captain Duran eager to take a stand. Since Lonz is both pragmatic and logical, most of their efforts to undermine the Orator's army focus on staying undetected through subtle sabotage.


Falthen Berros, The Innkeeper
Falthen owns the biggest inn in the city, down by the docks. Falthen is not a fan of the invading force, but intends on staying alive so they keeps their disgust well-hidden. Falthen may have useful information for any visiting adventurers.