Everquest: Veil of Alaris

Veil of Alaris: Pillars of Alra


Four pillars located in this zone, Each very distinct in appearance. These pillars are dedicated to the four types of magic used and worshiped  here. Light , Dark , Nature, Pure(Arcane). Each faction of magic have different beliefs on their "flavour" of magic and how it should be used. Nature opposes Arcane(Pure), Light opposes Dark.


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Quest Givers, Quests and Missions for The Pillars of Alra

The following are NPCs in Pillars that offer quests. Please try these quests and make sure that they work. We would also appreciate it if you let us know how long it takes to do each task and if they can be done by one player or if a group would be required. Please post your responses in a new thread titled after the name of the quest. Thank you.

The Shrine of Alra - 0, 0, 680

Selulian of Melretia - Loc 358, -637, 453

Il`Rator of Anriella - Loc -344, 619, 444

Wrakt of Fal`Kaa - Loc -633, -358, 356

Il`Nendale of Erion - Loc 621, 350, 518

an_apparition - Loc -80, -75, 855 [Roams around the ramp near the platform to Windsong.]

a_shade - Loc -2, 23, 670