Everquest: Veil of Alaris

Veil of Alaris: The Resplendent Temple

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Nadja Irespine: 2703, 320, -37 (inner-grove, west of the temple)The Light Within

Type: progression quest
Requirements: Level 93

Nadja Irespine, like many others, has traveled to the Resplendent Temple in search of purity. Al believes that the Nitore who dwell within the temple are ascended Alarans who possess the essential spark needed to attain the highest level of purity. Al explains that to detect the spark, one must be able to vanquish the diseased creatures that plague the grove.

Chancellor Corcelia: 1693, -16, -22 (just inside the temple's front doors)

An Initiate's Task

Type: progression quest
Requirements: Level 93; Must have completed (quest) The Light Within
Chancellor Corcelia is one of the few Nitore who have the ability to detect the essential spark within a being. After battling your inner demons, Corcelia has deemed you worthy of ascending into the chosen's ranks, and sends you out on a task to speak with key Nitore, while learning the rules and history of the temple.

At Your Disposal
progression quest
Level 93; Must have completed (quest) The Light Within, (quest) An Initiate's Task
Disgusted with the smell that surrounds you, Chancellor Corcelia orders that the waste you've collected be brought to Surmo, so he can properly dispose of it. Shenanigans that ensue with the clumsy halfling will lead you to uncovering dark secrets that surround the Resplendent Temple.
Reklor Irespine: 1816, -106, 440 (top floor of the temple, in back room)

Secrets of the Stones

 Type: progression mission
 Requirements: Level 93; Must have completed (quest) The Light Within, (quest) An Initiate's Task, (quest) At Your Disposalo
aren't exactly what they seem within the Resplendent Temple. The Nitore who once welcomed you into their ranks have now cast you aside, much like they do with their unwanted waste. Reklor Irespine may be your only ally in a temple full of sinister alarans. Al has asked that you search the temple - high and low - for any undiscovered sentry stones, and return fragments of them to ali so that al may use them to summon the power that flows through the stones.

Two Sides of the Stone
 Type: story mission
Requirements: Level 93; Must have completed (quest) The Light Within, (quest) An Initiate's Task, (quest) At Your Disposal, (mission) Secrets of the Stones
With the truth behind the stones uncovered, something must be done to end the trouble caused by the being that possess them. Injured from alir previous battles, Reklor Irespine is counting on you to put a stop to things.

: 2127, 426, -341 (in-between area, southwest portion)

Plannty of Tricks

Type: misc. quest
Requirements: Level 93
Plann is a young necromancer who enjoys performing tricks, especially for outsiders who he thinks are more easily impressed than his fellow swinetores. Plann obviously needs practice, and you are a perfect target, err... audience for his antics!

Hoarder Paoliq
: 2211, -13, -333 (in-between area, in the southern portion of the main room)

Death to Clan Ulork!

Type: misc. quest
Requirements: Level 93
Hoarder Paoliq isn't sure exactly what you are, but one thing's for certain - he knows you're not a member of his rival clan, Ulork! As they say, the enemy of my enemy is my ally! Paoliq needs your help in setting the Ulork throne room ablaze, and sends you on a quest to make a torch worthy of the task.Udgar the Brave: 2885, 118, -329 (in-between area, in the northern caves)

Death to Clan Piq`a!

Type: misc. quest
Level 93
Udgar the Brave is a proud member of Clan Ulork, and has a plan to destroy his rival clan, the Piq`as. Udgar isn't the greatest military mind, but he excels at necromancy. He wants to enlist the help of an outside to fetch some items needed to raise an undead army, and then it's up to you to enter the Piq`a throne room, and command the army to attack!