Everquest: Veil of Alaris

Veil of Alaris: The Resplendent Temple


Those that live within the Temple call themselves the Nitore, or the Cleansed. They consider themselves free of impurities and other imperfections, and relate this perceived perfection to their closeness with Ladrys, the Alaran God of Splendor.

Much like the Goddess they worship, The Nitore have many different faces, but only one is shown to outsiders, a mask of amicability and equality. Within the bowels of the temple, known as the In-Between, something more sinister is afoot...


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Grimlop (rabbit)

o Grim Rot: HP DoT that spreads; single-target cast

o Protection of the Grove: stoneskin; self cast

An Ivory Serpent (snake)

This NPC also spawns an egg that will hatch into an add if not killed

o Cloudy Venom: HP DoT; single-target cast

Gisette (braxi)

o Shriek: AOE stun; calls for help of mobs nearby

o Swift Kick: AOE knockback and nuke

Ungimar (goral)

o Primal Stomp: AOE nuke; higher damage to those in close range

o Primal Strength: + melee speed, + attack power; self cast

A Prismatic Selyrah (selyrah)

o Blinding Radiance: mana, HP nuke and stun; single-target cast

o Prismatic Barrier: Mana DoT; dooms Calamity if mana drops too low; single-target cast

o Calamity: large HP nuke

Larsena the Lunatic (human)

o Chant of the Devoted: stoneskin; self cast NPC is immune to spell damage as long as this buff remains on her

o Faithless: melee and spell casting slow, HP DoT; single-target cast

Groundskeeper Areut (alaran)

o Shoo: AOE gravitate, HP DoT

o Shovel Smash: Fling to caster stun and HP nuke; single-target cast

Temple (indoors)

Advisor Enaris (alaran)

o Resplendence: stoneskin and dispel; self cast NPC remains mostly immune to weapon attacks for the duration of this spell

o Strength in Numbers: large nuke; single-target cast Will cast twice if not enough people are engaging the NPC

Chief Recruiter Joceil (alaran)

o Hack: HP DoT, fling to PC; single-target cast

o Slash: AOE nuke

Pledgemaster Oeslik (alaran)

o Unwilling Pledge: charm; single-target cast

o Test of Loyalty: STR and AGI debuff, will doom Disloyal if item not clicked; single-target cast This spell should never be cast on a mercenary, and should always give an item to the player who it is casted on

o Disloyal: ridiculously high nuke that will likely kill most players

Afton the Cleanser (alaran)

o Soul Cleanse: AOE HP, Mana, END DoT; chance to cast either Residue or Tainted Soul

o Residue: DoT increases casting time and decreases melee speed

o Tainted Soul: root DoT Having this spell on you will cause an add to spawn, and the spell to disappear

Chancellor Mardis (alaran)

o Beacon: mana nuke and silence; single-target cast

o Dance of Light: HP nuke and stun; targeted-area cast

Miggles (goral)

o Nervous Bite: AOE nuke

o Leashed: HP DoT and gravitate toward caster; single-target cast

Arms Master Hegul (alaran)

o Shield of Light: reflect some incoming spell damage, defensive stun proc; self cast

o Rain of Blades: HP nuke; targeted-area cast

Ambassador Khorin (alaran)

o Deception: mesmerize; single-target cast

o Mirror: mirrors most hated, increases melee speed; self cast This is cast in conjunction with Deception

o Gale: HP nuke and spin stun; targeted-are cast

High Priest Nelori (alaran)

o Oppression: silence, amnesia, HP nuke; single-target cast

o Splendorous Renewal: substantial self heal

High Guard Alsera (alaran)

o Ward of Ladrys: stoneskin; self cast Spawns a sell-immune add on the most hated when this ward is cast; while this spell is active, High Guard Alsera will be mostly immune to melee attacks


Cijerst, Lord of Decay (swinetor)

o Decaying Bones: AOE DoT, dooms Walking Dead if player's health drops too low

o Walking Dead: increased casting time, reduced melee speed, skeleton illusion, not dispellable

King Zarq (swinetor)

Calls for the help of allies within a decent-sized radius

o Curse of Clan Piq`a: reduced melee and movement speed, reduces most resists, spreads; single-target cast

King Piqiorn (swinetor)

o Curse of Clan Ulork: increases casting time, reduce movement rate, reduces most resist, sreads; single-target cast

o Putrid Blast: HP nuke and stun; single-target cast

Hiqork the Putrid (swinetor)

o Wave of Filth: AOE knockback and HP nuke

o Mosquito Bite: HP DoT, reduced melee and movement speed, change form; single-target cast

Summoner Sirqo (swinetor)

o Lingering Death: HP nuke and causes a fake feign death; single-target cast

o Dead Weight: amnesia; single-target cast

An Animated Servant (zombie)

o Dead Weight: amnesia; single-target cast

o Dance of the Dead: lengthy stun, dooms Rot Zombie

o Rot Zombie: END and Mana DoT, change form, not dispellable

The Rat Queen (rat)

o Infected Bite: HP DoT, spreads; single-target cast

o Rat Rage: increased melee and attack power, heal; self cast

The Slothlord (gelatinous cube)

o Veil of Muck: fear, blindness; single-target cast

o Ripple of Rot: AOE HP nuke, more damage at far range