Everquest: Veil of Alaris

Veil of Alaris: Rubak


This temple resembles that of a conch shell  the spiral passages ways seem to go on for ever getting smaller or larger depending on which direction you are going


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Oseka�s Knowledge

Sacred Relics

Tides of Change
The Key to Freedom

Begin the Offensive
  • Type: Progression Quest
  • Requirements: Level 85+, and must have completed Oseka�s Knowledge, Sacred Relics, The Key to Freedom, and Tides of Change.
  • Quest Giver: Tiljin of the Deep in Sarith City. Location: -1010, 331, 6
  • Overview: Tiljin of the Deep in Sarith, wants you to create some explosives and place them at certain places of the outside wall of the Temple of Rubak.

Soothing the Spirits
  • Type: Miscellaneous Quest
  • Requirements: Level 85+.
  • Quest Giver: Coraln Seagazer in Sarith City. Location: -964, 23, -2
  • Overview: The water spirits in the Temple of Rubak have become agitated by the war between Oseka and Prexus and nobody seems to care. A young priest of Prexus named, Coraln Seagazer, however does care and wants you to help the spirits who do not deserve to be in the middle of such a conflict. Collect Vials of Soothing Water and give them to the water spirits.