Everquest: Veil of Alaris

Veil of Alaris: Rubak Oseka



Rubak Oseka was created by the Hadal at the height of their power, both as a symbol of the power of Oseka and as a means to keep her in the minds of the land-dwellers in the city. Though it is ancient, as the home of a goddess it has been remarkably well-preserved. The aspects of the structure that are within her domain are perfectly maintained; only the structure above the surface has been weathered.

Since the events of House of Thule, Oseka has been able to exert her influence on more individuals and her Hadal minions have returned to staff her temple. Prexus' attack on Sarith, has just increased the fervor of belief in her, feeding her power.

Oseka's favored animal is the coral snake, and thus the temple has been home to many of them over the years.




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This zone has 8 rare NPCs. Each should be a challenge for a group of players.

Curate Zlinair - Hadal Priest

Slorn the Holy - Hadal Acolyte
Zealot of Oseka - Alaran Zealot
  • Zealot Strike: Single target damage, spin stun.
Holy Ophidian - Coral Snake
  • Blinding Spit: Narrow frontal cone, stun, DoT.
Sacred Ophidian - Coral Snake
  • Venomous Spit: DoT, lowers all spell ranges by 80%
Templar Razkin - Hadal Templar
  • Blather: Targeted other, spell interrupt, spin stun, instant damage.
Evangelizer Runarn - Hadal Evangelist
  • Hymn of Oseka: Targeted other, enthrall, 20 curse counters.
Tiuanind the Faithful - Alaran Follower
  • Anthem of the Faithful: Targeted area, enthrall 20 curse counters.