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  Allakhazam                                                                                               Bloodlust's Armoury

  EQ Interface                                                                                               Raid loot

  EQ Casters Realm                                                                                       Mapfiend


 Trade Skills/Quest Links

  Rasper's Repository                                                                                    EQ Traders

Class Forums/Links


  The Concert Hall                                                                                         The Mage's Tower

  EQ Clerics                                                                                                    Paladins of Norrath

   Monkly Business                                                                                         The Steel Warrior    

   Go Berserker's                                                                                               EvilGamer (SK's)

  The Spirit Realm (Shaman's)                                                                       Beastlor'd's Den

   Necro Talk                                                                                                     The Runes(Enchanters)

   Graffe's Wizard Compilation                                                                      The Druid's Grove

   The Outrider (Rangers)                                                                                  The Safehouse (Rogues)'