Class Thurgadin Armour Kael Armour Skyshrine Armour
Warrior Champion's Warlord's Myrmidon
Monk Grand Masters Golden Star White Lotus
Rogue Brigand's Deciever's Shadow
Bard Resonant Troubadors Highsun
Paladin Runed Protector Shining Scaled Knights
Shadow Knight Dark Runed Malevolent  
Ranger Runed Scouts Forest Stalkers Golden Leaf
Shaman Rune Crafters Spirit Callers Wolf Callers
Cleric Forbidden Rites Templars Armour of the Risen
Druid Rowyl's Armour of Nature Nature Walkers Woven Grass
Enchanter Beguilers Dazzeling Illusionists
Magician Arch Mages    
Wizard Sage's Invoker's Icicle
Necromancer Warlock's Plague Bearer's Rotting